Camp Pupukea - Discover & Explore

Opening Event - 5/29/2022

Explore & Share

Connect with Nature

Camp Pupukea is located on the North Shore of Oahu.

It's a wonderful place, with a true connection to nature.

With a new cooperation between the Aloha Council and local residents, a big change is coming.

New programs will be available to the public, infrastructure will be improved, and added safety and organization will create the ultimate nature resort, within the community, for the community.

Join us on 5/29/2022 for our Kick off event - Explore, Discover & Connect.
Funds and donations from the event will be used toward improving the camp grounds, creating community programs, and making this wonderful place in nature, an amazing place to gather, grow & enjoy.

Register to volunteer at the event

Event Activities & Vendors

During the opening event, the current & future community programs will be presenting their plans & ideas and will be open for registration.

Vendors will offer their services & products for sale.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or take part in the event, please fill the form on the bottom

Raffle & prizes, Silent auction, and more fun activities

Wellness classes

Various wellness classes will be offered throughout the event

Nature walks

Explore the camp grounds

Enjoy nature at it's best, Meet the vendors, engage with the community

Music lessons

Various classes for kids & adults

Local artist will share their music & more

Hale Anuenue

Hale Anuenue in collaboration with the Aloha Council

is rolling out offerings in all areas of wellness, education and exploration.


The ultimate electric offroad platform

Test Rides will be available during the event - Explore nature in a whole new way



offering personalized self defense courses , training classes and much more


Olay's Thai-Lao Cuisine

Keones killer pupukea peppers

Cosmic Kitchen

Tyler Cobb

Tyler Cobb

Aubrey Emi

Aubrey Emi

Noelani hawaii

North Shore Woods

North shore woods

Nick Benuska

Irma Hawaiian Homes

aloha solar panel cleaning


Premium Wetsuits & Apparel

Healing Wolf Designs


Metal Phoenix Designs

Thrifting Hawaii

Purity Hygenics

Our Sponsors & Organizers

All funds gathered at the event will go directly to improving the camp grounds, future events, community activities & programs

Mahalo for your donations and contributions

Event Schedule

Different activities and vendors will be organized along the nature path.

Explore & discover

connect with nature and community at the same time

12:00 - Event Opening

13:00 - Opening ceremony

13:30 - 16:30 - Meet the vendors, enjoy nature, explore & connect.

16:30 - Silent auction and Raffle.

17:00 - Musical  guests at the theater.

18:30 - Bon Fire.

Food vendors will available from 12:00 - till everyone is full.



Get to the event

Camp Pupukea is located at the top end of Pupukea rd - across the way from sunset ranch.

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